Mortgage Broker Calgary

Mortgage Broker Calgary

Are You Looking For the Best Mortgage Rates in Calgary?

Whether you're a current home owner or you want to become a future owner of a Calgary home, the rate of your mortgage is extremely important. Although mortgage rates have rebounded somewhat, they are still near historical lows. When a mortgage is structured appropriately, it can save a household tens of thousands of dollars in interest over the life of the loan. The traditional mortgage is paid once per month, but these are most definitely not traditional times. The modern mortgage can be paid every other week or even every week if you wish. Balloon payments are a possibility, as are lump sum payments. In other words, the modern mortgage is designed with you, the home owner, in mind.

Calgary, it's Easy to Find the Best Mortgage Rate!

The biggest problem that a Calgary mortgage applicant faces is the denial of a mortgage and a credit score reduction because of it. Any time a banking or credit-lending institution looks at your credit profile, the applicant's credit score can go down. This is because it shows other lenders that you're trying to secure financing for some reason. The best mortgage professionals can seek out the best rates for your future mortgage without creating these credit score reductions. Your credit rating is the key to securing the lowest interest rates possible for your home loan. If that is reduced, then you pay more. This is a process you can do on your own, but every banking institution will require you to fill out an application. Every application has the potential to reduce your credit score!

Why Should You Use a Mortgage Broker For Your Home Loan?

My Mortgage Broker Calgary, Steven Crews works on your behalf to create the best rate possible. That's why having Steven work with you can provide you with a number of key advantages.

-You can get the best mortgage rates possible in Calgary, even from your own bank.
-You can get approval when other banks have turned you down.
-A first-time mortgage with no down payment becomes possible.
-Self-employed Calgary business owners can get approval, sometimes without any proof of income.
-Credit repair is possible.
-Personal service is a guarantee.
-Tens of thousands of dollars can be save in interest fees, penalties, and other regular nickel and dime banking strategies that are designed to give a banking institution extra profitability.

Are You Ready To Purchase a Home?

Banking institutions might have tightened up their lending standards, but that doesn't need to leave you without a home. You may qualify for an amazing mortgage right now for your first Calgary home or an incredible refinancing package that can help you pay for home improvements that are needed or to even consolidate your debt. If you're ready to turn a house you love into your home, then make today the day!

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